Meet Greg


Greg Hager is certainly making trails around the world with the music that he writes and sings.

He is a singer, songwriter, and a musician. His musical stories about “life, living, love, cattle, country, and faith” are making strong connections all across the USA. Averaging over 120 concert events per year, Hager is very busy performing at rodeos, fairs, banquets, church events, festivals, and other various venues. (In 2016, Hager performed 148 times.)

He is a six time nominee as the WESTERN ARTIST OF THE YEAR with the Academy of Western Artists.

IN THE VALLEY BELOW was named the “2015 – Country and Western Album of the Year” by the Rural Roots Music Commission.

His rural western roots run deep, and he writes and sings about the life he knows and lives, and about those that he is around. His family’s dairy and grain farm taught the valuable lessons of honesty, integrity, and keeping your word no matter what. This perspective shines through his music. Those values are common to everyone and that is why so many identify strongly with his music.

Worldwide, Hager’s music is making a difference. He regularly sells music in over a dozen countries. In March/April of 2017 he completed a 20 concert set tour of Japan – performing only his original western, country, and cowboy songs. He has been invited back.

Hager is the epitome of a professional both on the stage and off. He is truly entertaining and family friendly. A Cowboy Gentleman.

Musically, Hager writes everything that he sings and his style is heavily influenced by great 12-string guitar pickers and story-tellers like John Denver, Roger Whittaker, Gordon Lightfoot, Paul Overstreet, Clint Black, George Strait, and many others. His style is described along the lines of what Country and Western music used to be before all of the Pop influences…”Easy-going, melodic, and clever.”

Greg Hager looks forward to adventures on the road. Chris LeDoux said it best, “Life IS a ride!!!”

A Nashville produced musician, Hager has recorded and released seven CD’s of 100% original music. In fact, he is the only artist in North Dakota history to do so. Four of his albums are “positive” Western styled country, one Christmas album, and two albums of Country Gospel music.

He is married with three children and lives southwest of Valley City, ND near the family homestead.

Hager would love to bring his family to your special event. Please contact him for details.

Connect with him at and on Facebook and Twitter.