Musings of a Minstrel

Creating original songs, blending folk and western with heartwarming sincerity, Greg offers a unique approach to the time-honored tradition of the traveling minstrel.

In times past, traveling minstrels incorporated mischief, musings, mishaps, and merriment into their musical offerings. Their travels often gave opportunities to meet people and bridge the gap between small and large communities, impressive venues and pastoral settings. Greg has continued the tradition of being a goodwill ambassador in song, bringing smiles, a touch of nostalgia mixed with love of family, and an imaginative, musical view of the world.

Creating music from daily life, bringing out the joys and soul-searching in songs that touch the heart and stir the imagination, is the inspiration for Greg’s music. Original, insightful and encouraging, his music captures the hopes, inspires the dreams and delights the spirit.