Greg Hager - Day Dream CD

Daydream was recorded in Nashville and was the first professional recording that I made of my original songs. I had many great musicians collaborate with me on this project. Robert Tyler, Chris Scruggs, David Talbot, Gary McKnight, Jon Radford, Garrett Rake, and Dillon Smith all added their special sound to make this album what it is.

These songs tell stories from my life, and many have a bit of a reflective feel to them. Clever lyrics and great rhythm make this a CD that you will listen to over and over again. I have always loved to Daydream, and I still do. I think that people have forgotten what it is to sit with no distractions and nothing to do but let the mind wander.

Legacy tells the story of all of our lives through my eyes. If I Could Be Like That highlights how simple life could be “if only.” I open most of my shows with Of Mice And Men. Learn To Let Go tells about growing up. So Dance reminds us to enjoy the moment that we have because those moments pass quickly. And of course there is a love song, Whenever You're Around. You’ll catch yourself tapping your feet on most of these songs.

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1 Of Mice and Men
2 Learn to Let Go
3 Disconnection
4 Float Your Boat
5 Daydream
6 Legacy
7 Minnesota Morning
8 Whenever You’re Around
9 So Dance
10 A Man’s Man
11 If I Could Be Like That

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