In The Valley Below

Greg Hager - In The Valley Below CD

OFFICIALLY Released 3.3.2015 - Chris Le Doux was right. Life IS a ride! You see, it isn’t the destination, but the stops you make along the way that will determine if you ever truly lived. It’s the miles that make us, not the years. The songs on this CD are especially meaningful because they tell our story. Gene Breeden brought together an amazing group of musicians to create this western/cowboy themed CD. Dave Signs, Mike Dunbar, Kraig Hutchens, David Russell, John Heinrich, Gene Breeden, Barry Wayne, and Diane Berry all contributed their talents.

Our story begins with In The Valley Below and shows an image of what is important. The next three songs, Be Who You Are, Cowboy Dreaming, and The Way With Life paint images of the reality of life. Storm puts an interesting twist on relationships. This Time, The Northern Land, and Life Is A Ride all attempt to teach a character lesson. Medora – A song for one of my favorite places in ND. Life, it is said, is a circle. A Baby Once Again illustrates just exactly how we start out in life and if we are fortunate, how we end up.

I have never served in the Military. I recognize and honor everyone who has defended the freedom that I enjoy each day. Freedom isn’t free. I wrote Not Every Hero because anyone who dons a uniform is a hero…not just those who die.

Track Listing:
1. In The Valley Below
2. Be Who You Are
3. Cowboy Dreaming
4. The Way With Life
5. Storm
6. This Time
7. The Northern Land
8. Life Is A Ride
9. Nothing But Time
10. Medora
11. A Baby Once Again
12. Not Every Hero

Price: $15.00

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