Night of New Beginnings

Greg Hager - Night of New Beginings CD

Christmas…what a wonderful time of the year! The lights, the sights, the sounds of the season. The expectation and wonderment of children everywhere. It’s a time to be more cheerful, more giving, more understanding, more thankful.

I love this time of the year. May we never forget that Jesus is the reason we have Christmas or that it all started on a Night Of New Beginnings. I tried to capture various aspects of the Christmas story in the songs on this CD. We start out learning about A Shepherd’s Calling. If It Weren’t For Jesus we wouldn’t even have Christmas. Every story it seems has a “back story.” I tell a fun one in Rudolph. Few things capture the heart like the yearning to be able to be Coming Home for Christmas.

One of the greatest statements of faith was made by Mary after the angel visited her…”Be It Unto Me as it was spoken.” The shepherd’s were visited In Midnight Clear. It seems everyone relishes a great story about Santa. The story goes that he does everything With A Ho! Ho! Ho! Everything has a beginning. We get to remember and enjoy each year what happened on that First Christmas. I believe that it is good to reflect on the Years Of Yester and to remember the traditions and values that are worth passing on. Christmas And Cowboys was originally released on A Century Too Late and tells the Christmas story through a cowboy’s eyes.

Track Listing
1. A Shepherd's Calling
2. If It Weren't For Jesus
3. Night Of New Beginnings
4. Rudolph
5. Coming Home
6. Be It Unto Me
7. In Midnight Clear
8. With A Ho! Ho! Ho!
9. First Christmas
10. Years Of Yester
11. Christmas And Cowboys *
* Previously Released on A Century Too Late

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