Two Roads

Greg Hager - Two Roads CD

When I perform, many people say they would like to hear a gospel song. I recorded my third original album also at the studio of Gene Breeden. Gene brings a musical perspective to the recording process that only someone with nearly 40 years of experience can.

Dave Signs, Rick McClure, Kraig Hutchens, Eugene Moles, John Heinrich, Gene Breeden, Jamie Bowles, Sudie Callaway, and Clinton Gregory all contributed their talents to make this CD memorable. Just as family is important, faith also plays a part in making each of us who we are. On this gospel album, Alien reminds us that we are only passing through to our heavenly home. In The Light comes from I John. All of life seems to be a tug between the broad and the narrow road.

The title track, Two Roads, puts this all into perspective. You Walked The Road reminds us that Jesus has been everywhere that we have been. The music ranges from slow ballads, to fast songs, to bluegrass. Yet all remain true to my style and have great lyrics that tell the gospel story with a easy-going country style. You’re sure to enjoy this music.

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1 Alien
2 I Still Believe
3 In the Light
4 Two Roads
5 They Let Me Down
6 The Answer to My Need
7 You Walked the Road
8 The Will of You
9 Valley of the Shadow
10 The Freedom of My Chains
11 The Miracle(s) of Jesus
12 I Love You

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